History tab

This tab shows historical information for a record.

Every time a record is changed, field values and historical information are retained by the system. The table on this tab shows saved versions of a record. The column heading for a field is highlighted in blue when its value was changed at any time in the history of the record. In these highlighted columns, a field value is highlighted in blue when it does not match the value shown in the preceding version of the record.

The initial columns in the table provide the following information about each version of a record:

The revision number of the change. This starts with 1.0 for the original version of a record and increments 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, and so forth each time that changes are saved to a record.
Modified time
Date and time when record was last saved.
Modified by
The user who made the last change.
Assigned to
The user to whom the record was assigned at the time of its revision.
Record status
The current status of the record. This is one of the following:
  • Accepted—Record has been accepted in an approval flow.
  • Edited—Record has been edited.
  • Failed—Record failed revalidation.
  • New—Record has not been reviewed or edited.
  • Pending—Record has been reviewed or edited but has been retained for additional review.
  • Rejected—Record has been rejected in an approval flow.
  • Resolved—Accepted record has been saved for additional processing.
Condition name
The condition in the Exception Monitor stage that generated the record.
The most recent comments that were entered for the record.