The Dashboard page

The Dashboard page in Data Stewardship Portal displays data that summarizes the status of records belonging to you and other users.

The Dashboard page is displayed by clicking Dashboard on the Data Stewardship Portal page. The Dashboard displays status and statistics for a selected user. The default is the currently logged in user. You choose to view data for other users if you have modify permissions. A different user may be selected in the box at the top of the page. Only users who currently have exceptions assigned to them appear in users box.

Note: The progress charts for user and dataflow will not appear if you have turned off progress tracking on the Data Stewardship Settings page of Management Console.
Shows total number of records for the currently selected user.
Shows number and percentage of records that remaining for the currently selected user.
Shows the number and percentage of records that have been resolved for the currently selected user.
The chart shows the selected user's percentages of resolved and remaining records.
Daily Progress
The selected user's progress by day, week, or month. This shows number of records accepted by the user. For an approval flow, it shows the number of records accepted and rejected by the user.
  • Click the Display table button to view progress in table format.
  • Click the Display chart button to view progress in chart format.
  • Click the Options button to select the duration of Day, Week, or Month.
Breakdown by dataflow
This section lists active dataflows. To edit a dataflow on the Data Stewardship Portal Editor page, click the dataflow name. To filter the list, enter a portion or all of the characters in a dataflow name in the Filter box .
Resolved Timeline
This section shows the resolved status of approval flows. Information includes, the ratio and percentage of resolved records, the number of records waiting to be resolved or accepted, the number of records resolved, and the total number of records.