The Data Stewardship Portal provides tools for reviewing, modifying, and approving records that failed based on conditions in the Exception Monitor stage. Use the Data Stewardship Portal to manually enter correct or additional data in a record. Typical exceptions are:
  • Address verification failures
  • Geocoding failures
  • Low-confidence matches
  • Merge/consolidation decisions

For example, if a customer record fails an address validation process, you could use the search tools to conduct research and determine the customer's address, then modify the record so that it contains the correct address. The modified record could then be approved and reprocessed by Spectrum Technology Platform, sent to another data validation or enrichment process, or written to a database, depending on your configuration. You could also use the Data Stewardship Portal to add information that was not in the original record.

Data Stewardship Portal consists of the following components.
  • Dashboard—The Dashboard displays the number of records assigned to the user, counts of resolved records that are still assigned to the user, counts of records that are still unresolved, and the daily performance (number of records accepted/rejected). Counts are broken down by Dataflow and Label.
  • Editor—The editor allows you to modify records and change status of records within review cycles.
  • Manage—A browser-based tool that enables you to review and manage record activity for all users, including reassigning records from one user to another. Summary and detail charts show the number of records with resolved and unresolved status, and the number of records assigned to each user.
  • Data Quality—A browser-based tool that provides information on trends for records and enables you to identify key performance indicators and send notifications when certain conditions are met.