Add/Modify Expression dialog box

Use the Add Expression or Modify Expression dialog box to define expressions, which are logical statements that check the value of a field to determine if the record might be considered an exception. You must add at least one expression to a condition.

This dialog box opens when you click Add or Modify in the Add/Modify Condition dialog box.

Expression type

Expression created with Expression Builder
Select this option to create a basic expression.
Custom expression
Select this option to write an expression using Groovy scripting. If you need to use more complex logic, such as nested evaluations, use a custom expression. For more information, see Using Custom Expressions in Exception Monitor.


Logical operator
If other expressions are already defined for this condition, you can select an operator to combine it with the preceding expressions.
  • And—This expression must be true in addition to the preceding expression being true in order for the condition to be true.
  • Or—If this expression is true the condition is true even if the preceding expression is not true.

If you chose Expression created with expression builder for the Expression type, the following options are available.

Field name
Select the field that you want this expression to evaluate. The list of available fields is populated based on the stages upstream from the Exception Monitor stage.
Select the operator you want to use in the evaluation.
Specify the value you want the expression to check for using the operator chosen in the Operator field. This is a regular expression if you selected matches regular expression as the Operator.