Data Stewardship stages identify and manage exception records that Spectrum Technology Platform could not confidently process to allow manual review by a data steward.

Data Stewardship provides three stages in Enterprise Designer.

  • Exception Monitor—A stage that evaluates records against a set of conditions to determine if the record requires manual review by a data steward. When records meet those conditions, this stage can send an email notifying recipients of the exceptions. An approval flow can be added to a condition to require acceptance by reviewers in addition to the data steward.
  • Write Exceptions—A stage that writes the exception records to the exception repository. Once exception records are in the exception repository they are available for review by a data steward and (if there is an approval flow) acceptance by other reviewers.
  • Read Exceptions—A stage that reads records from the exception repository into a dataflow. This stage allows you to reprocess exception records that have been corrected by a data steward.