Domains specify the kind of data being evaluated.

This is used for reporting purposes to show which types of exceptions occur in your data. For example, if the condition evaluates the success or failure of address validation, the data domain could be "Address"; if the condition evaluates the success or failure of a geocoding operation, the data domain could be "Spatial", and so forth.
Note: The domains you establish here will serve as default options both for Data Stewardship Settings and the Exception Monitor stage.
You can select one of the predefined domains listed below or specify your own domain by clicking the Add item button and completing the fields as necessary. You can also edit domains by selecting a domain, clicking the Edit item button, and making any necessary changes. You can also filter the list of domains shown by entering search data in the Filter field. The results will update dynamically.
  • Account—The condition checks a business or organization name associated with a sales account.
  • Address—The condition checks address data, such as a complete mailing address or a postal code.
  • Asset—The condition checks data about the property of a company, such as physical property, real estate, human resources, or other assets.
  • Date—The condition checks date data.
  • Email—The condition checks email data.
  • Financial—The condition checks data related to currency, securities, and so forth.
  • Name—The condition checks personal name data, such as a first name or last name.
  • Phone—The condition checks phone number data.
  • Product—The condition checks data about materials, parts, merchandise, and so forth.
  • Spatial—The condition checks point, polygon, or line data which represents a defined geographic feature, such as flood plains, coastal lines, houses, sales territories, and so forth.
  • SSN—The condition checks U.S. Social Security Number data.
  • Uncategorized—Choose this option if you do not want to categorize this condition.