Spectrum Universal Name

To perform the most accurate standardization you may need to break up strings of data into multiple fields. Spectrum Technology Platform provides advanced parsing features that enable you to parse personal names, company names, and many other terms and abbreviations. In addition, you can create your own list of custom terms to use as the basis of scan and extract operations.


Spectrum Universal Name consists of:

  • Name Variant Finder—This component works in either a first name or last name mode in order to query the names database and return name variations. Name Variant Finder can limit the number of results by gender and culture. Spectrum Technology Platform includes a base names file. Add-on names files of other cultures are available and can be deployed by copying the appropriate JAR file into the modules/tables/ext folder. Arabic names are available as an add-on. The data in this file is by Nomino, Inc.
  • Open Name Parser—The open name parser breaks down personal and business names and other terms in the name data field into their component parts. These parsed name elements are then subsequently available to other automated operations such as name matching, name standardization, or multi-record name consolidation.