Installing GeoEnrichment Databases

GeoEnrichment database resources are used by GeoEnrichmentLookup. Given a lookup key as input, the GeoEnrichmentLookup stage accesses a registered database and returns additional attribute data for the referenced address.

To install Spectrum Product Data (SPD) data from Precisely for use with GeoEnrichmentLookup, you must:

  1. Download your Spectrum Product Database (SPD) format files from Precisely using the link provided in the Precisely communication or from
  2. Use Command Line Interface (CLI) commands to install the Spectrum Product Data to a Spectrum database. This copies the data to the Spectrum database and makes the Spectrum Technology Platform aware of the data in the database. For details, see Adding Data to Spectrum.
  3. In Management Console, create a new database resource for the Spectrum Product Data, or change an existing database resource to include the Spectrum Product Data. For details, see Adding a GeoEnrichment Database Resource in the GeoEnrichment Guide.

If you are installing Spectrum Product Data for the first time, because you are a new customer to the Spectrum Technology Platform or setting up a new Spectrum server, then we recommend you set the data extract and archive locations before installing Spectrum Product Data. For details, see SPD Setup on a New Spectrum Server. We recommend using the productdata extract register and productdata archive register commands to ensure that the Spectrum Product Data, which may be large, resides in an appropriate and manageable location of your choosing on the server. The default location inside the Spectrum folders can make upgrades and re-installations more difficult and require even greater temporary space.