Deleting Data from Spectrum

You must be a Spectrum Technology Platform administrator (admin) to perform this task.

Before deleting data, verify that it is not being used by a database resource in the Management Console. For details, see Deleting a Database Resource.

To delete data from a Spectrum server:

  1. Verify that the Spectrum Technology Platform server is running before you begin.
  2. Connect to the Spectrum Technology Platform server by typing this command:
    connect --h servername:port --u username --p password --s SSLtrueFalse
    For example,
    connect --h myserver:8080 --u admin --p myPassword1 --s false
  3. Run the productdata list command to view the details for the currently installed data. The results provide current information without having to access the file system. We recommend using this command before using the productdata delete command to make an informed decision about the data to delete.
    Open a command-line window and type the following:
    productdata list
  4. Run the productdata delete command to delete the data from a Spectrum server by typing:
    productdata delete --p productName --c productComponent --q qualifier --v dataVintage
    For example,
    productdata delete --p gam --c gav --q GAV-DEU --v 201907

For more information about these Product Data CLI commands, see Product Data under Administration Utility in the Spectrum Technology Platform Administration Guide.