Spatial Support


Spectrum Spatial, which includes routing, supports the following spatial databases for use with the spatial services, data, and resources:

  • Oracle 12CR2, Oracle 18C, and Oracle 19C
  • SQL Server 2016 and SQL Server 2017
  • PostgreSQL 11.5 (with PostGIS 2.5) and PostgreSQL 12.0 (with PostGIS 3.0)
    Note: Spectrum Spatial requires the PostGIS extension for PostGreSQL data source provider even if spatial capability will be not needed or used.
  • GeoPackage (Windows and CentOS)

Data Formats

Spectrum Spatial supports the following data formats for use with the spatial services:

  • Generic JDBC (with XY)
  • TAB (native, native extended, raster, grid, seamless, DBF)
  • ESRI shapefile
  • ESRI File Geodatabase (read access to vector layers of File Geodatabases, .gdb directories, created by ArcGIS 10 and above)

Raster Formats

In order to use rasters and grids as a map layer, there must be an associated .TAB file containing georeference information about the image, including the bounds, coordinate system, and registration points.

Spectrum Spatial supports the following raster and grid formats (64-bit only):

Raster Formats

Format File Extension
ADRG .gen
ASRP .gen
BMP .bmp, .wbmp
CADRG .gen
CIB various
ECW (SDK v5)
Note: On Windows, install Visual C++ 2012
GeoTiff .geotif
GIF .gif
JPEG .jpg/.jpeg
MrSID (SDK v9)
Note: Supports MG4 (MrSID Generation 4).
NITF .ntf
PNG .png
Note: TIFF files used by the Feature Service and Mapping Service cannot exceed 2GB.

Grid Formats

Format File Extension
Defense Digital Terrain Elevation Data (DTED) .dt0, .dt1, .dt2, .dt3
MapInfo Grid .mig
MRR (Multi-Resolution Raster)

Vertical Mapper Classified Grid .grc
Vertical Mapper Continuous Grid .grd


Spectrum Spatial utilities (Tile Generator, WMTS Tile Generator, and the Geometry Validator) require, at a minimum, Java 8.

.NET Samples

The .NET samples require at a minimum Visual Studio 2013 and Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.

MapInfo Professional Compatibility

The Map Uploader provided by Spatial is compatible with MapInfo Professional 16.x or higher. For more information about the interoperability of the two products, see the section titled MapInfo Pro under Getting Started and Tools in the Spectrum Spatial Guide.


When communicating to the server over HTTPS to map a drive to the repository, a WebDAV client is required to use the TLS v1.2 protocol.