Backup Spatial configuration files

Although the upgrade process from Spectrum Technology Platform will automatically back up configuration files (which are stored in the repository) and properties files for Spatial, as well as merge custom settings, it is still important to back up the files before proceeding with an upgrade.

Follow these instructions if you:

  • Run Spectrum Technology Platform server on a port other than 8080.
  • Have made changes to any of these Spatial configuration files:
    • Mapping
    • Feature
    • Map Tiling
    • WFS
    • WMS
    • WMTS

Before an upgrade, you should also back up the and java.vmargs files that reside in %install_home%\server\modules\spatial to preserve any customizations you have made.

To back up user-modified configuration files and properties files:

  1. Use the limrepo export command in the Administration Utility to export the configuration files: limrepo export --s SourceRepositoryPath --o OutputFilePath --a --c --f.
    For example, limrepo export --s /Configuration --o C:\myrepository\configuration --a --c --f
    Note: For instructions on using the Administration Utility, see the Administration section of the Spectrum Spatial Guide. It is strongly recommended that you use the Administration Utility to export and import configuration files instead of WebDAV to ensure the files will comply with the new version of Spatial.
  2. If upgrading from version 2018.2 or earlier, make a backup copy of \modules\spatial\ and java.vmargs to save any non-defulat settings.
    Note: As of version 2019.1.0, these properties are set in the Spectum Management Console.
  3. Perform the Spectrum Technology Platform upgrade.

If you have a successful upgrade, back up the new set of configuration files under %install_home%\server\modules. This backup will assist Tech Support should you encounter an issue with your installation. If you did not have a successful upgrade, follow the instructions described in Spatial upgrade backup failure procedure.

Note: If upgrading from version 2018.2 or earlier, and you forgot to back up the configuration, or java.vmargs files, you can check the backup zip file that is created by the upgrade process (as long as no failures occurred). This zip file ( is located under %install_home%\server\modules.