Upgrading with ACL

When upgrading to 12.0 SP2 or later, the Access Control List (ACL) model is upgraded to a new security model. The migration script will run as a part of installation but it also can be run independently of the installation procedure.

Note: If you export the command line interface (CLI), it does not alter the permissions. These permission will need to be migrated. For example, the resources from 12.0 SP1 and earlier come with a VIEW permission, but when you upgrade to 12.0 SP2 or later, the migration script changes VIEW to EXECUTE.

The migration script will run the first time Spectrum Technology Platform is started after upgrading to 12.0 SP2 or later versions. It will only run once. The migration script will perform the following:

  • All the permissions on folders will be removed.
  • All the permissions on resources will be removed.
  • The new EXECUTE permission will be applied if the VIEW permission existed on any resources.
  • Any existing Deny permissions will be removed.
  • Dataset VIEW permission is removed. Other permissions on Dataset such as CREATE, MODIFY, and DELETE will be preserved if they existed before the upgrade.
  • NamedResourceMetadata resources will have no ACL for now.
Note: Having added the new EXECUTE permission, the Spectrum Technology Platform will start over with the new permissions.