Upgrading Context Graph Indexes

For releases prior to 2019.1, existing indexes will automatically be upgraded to a new format that provides better performance.

Indexed properties are now restricted to a maximum length of 4036 bytes. If a model has an indexed property that exceeds this limitation, you will not be able to open that model until you complete the following steps.

Note: If you are using Context Graph in a cluster and have hit the maximum index property constraint of 4036 bytes, see Upgrading a Cluster with Context Graph in the Spectrum Technology Platform Installation Guide.
  1. Stop the Spectrum Technology Platform server.
  2. Copy the SpectrumFolder\server\modules\hub\db\neo4j.properties file to the SpectrumFolder\server\modules\hub\db\model.ModelName folder for each model that exceeds the property constraint of 4036 characters.
  3. Open the neo4j.properties files that you copied in step 2 in a text editor.
  4. Uncomment and set dbms.index.default_schema_provider to lucene+native-1.0.

    Make sure the neo4j store upgrade is uncommented and that the following property is set to true:

  5. Start the Spectrum Technology Platform server.
  6. Open all affected Context Graph models.
  7. Remove the SpectrumFolder\server\modules\hub\db\model.ModelName\neo4j.properties files.

    By removing this file from the model folders, native-btree-1.0 indexing will now be used by default.

    Note: We recommend that you fix all models that failed upgrade due to the 4036 indexed property constraint and re-index those models from lucene+native-1.0 indexes to the latest native-btree-1.0 indexes. See the hub model reindex command in the Administration Utility section of the Administration Guide.
  8. Stop and restart the Spectrum Technology Platform.