hub backup all

Backs up all Context Graph models.

Use the hub backup all command to perform a full or incremental backup of all Context Graph models. An incremental backup adds changes that were made to a model since a previous backup. A model is added to the default backup directory for Context Graph models unless you specify a different location.


hub backup all --f fullBackup --p path
No--f fullBackupPerforms a full or incremental backup of all models, where fullBackup is one of the following:
Performs a full backup of all models. Full backups replace any existing backups of the models. This is the default setting.
Performs an incremental backup of all models to an existing backup.
No--p path

Specifies the path and folder to which you want to save the backups. If you omit this option the backups are placed in the default backup directory.

Note: The default backup directory location (SpectrumFolder/server/modules/hub/db/backups) may be changed by uncommenting and editing the hub.models.path.base setting in the SpectrumFolder/server/modules/hub/ file.


This example backs up all existing models to a folder called ContextGraphBackup on the local C drive.

hub backup all --f true --p C:\ContextGraphBackup