hub backup model

Backs up a specific Context Graph model.

Use the hub backup model command to perform a full or incremental backup of a specified Context Graph model. The incremental method adds changes that were made to a model since a previous update. A backup is located in the default backup folder for Context Graph models unless a different location is specified with the path (--p) option.


hub backup model --m model --f fullBackup --p path
Yes--m modelSpecifies the name of the model you want to backup.
No--f fullBackupPerforms a full or incremental backup of the model, where fullBackup is one of the following:
Performs a full, initial backup of the model. This is the default setting.
Performs an incremental backup of the model to an existing backup.
No--p path

Specifies the path and folder to which you want to save the backup. If you omit this option the backup is placed default backup directory.

Note: The default backup directory location (SpectrumFolder/server/modules/hub/db/backups) may be changed by uncommenting and editing the hub.models.path.base setting in the SpectrumFolder/server/modules/hub/ file.


This example backs up a single model called ConsumerFraud to a folder called GraphModelBackup in the C:\DataHub directory. If a model by that same name already exists, the restored model will be updated.

hub backup model --m ConsumerFraud --f false --p C:\DataHub\GraphModelBackups\model.ConsumerFraud