hub model reindex

Reindexes Context Graph models.

Use the hub model reindex command to reindex a single Context Graph model or all Context Graph models. The utility will return a status message for each model on a separate line, as shown below.

The utility will also return failure messages, if necessary:


hub model reindex --m model --a all
No--m modelSpecifies the name of the model whose contents you want to reindex if you are reindexing a single model.
Note: You must include either --m or --a, not both.
No--a allSpecifies to reindex all models, where all is one of the following:
Reindexes all models.
Does not reindex all models. This is the default setting.
Note: You must include either --a or --m, not both.


This example reindexes all Context Graph models.

hub model reindex --a