hub schema rename entityProperty

Rename a model property.

Use the hub schema rename entityProperty command to rename a Context Graph model property.


hub schema rename entityProperty --m model --e entityType --p property --np newProperty --w waitForComplete
Yes--m modelSpecifies the name of the model whose entity property you want to rename.
No--e entityTypeSpecifies the target entity type; includes all entity types if not specified.
Yes--p propertySpecifies the property you want to rename.
Yes--np newPropertySpecifies the new property name.
No--w waitForCompleteSpecifies whether to wait for jobs to complete in a synchronous mode, where waitForComplete is one of the following:
Waits for jobs to complete.
Does not wait for jobs to complete. This is the default setting.


This example renames the property HireDate to Start Date in a model called Staff with a relationship label of Hired.

hub schema rename entityProperty --m Staff --r Hired --p HireDate --np StartDate