The Dashboard provides the following widgets. Note that at any given time you can have just one entity widget and one relationship widget on the Dashboard. Once you have created your list, you can select one or more entities and perform additional functions using the tools in title bar of the pane: Toolbar buttons in widget title bar.

All Entities
Depicts a model's entities and properties in a pie chart.
All Relationships
Depicts a model's relationships and properties in a pie chart.
Relationship Counts
Is based on the number of connections an entity has incoming, outgoing, or both. You can retain the default of all entity types or create a top-10 list by entity type, such as the top-10 people, the top-10 places, or the top-10 events within a model. Further, if you do select an entity type, you can also select a relationship label from which to build the list. You can also use this widget to create the same lists for the bottom 10 entities.
Property Value of Connected Items
Shows the top 10 of a selected entity type based on an average property value of connected relationships or entity types.
Property Value
Shows the top 10 of a selected entity type based on selected property value.