Manage Themes

A theme is a combination of entity and relationship decorations and filters. Expressions control when the decorations and filters are applied to entities and relationships on the Canvas.

Decoration settings configure images and labels for the entities and relationships. Used in filters, expressions control when to show or hide entities and relationships on the Canvas. Entity expressions evaluate property values, entity labels and types, and numbers of connections (total, incoming, or outgoing). Relationship expressions evaluate relationship properties values and labels. Relationship expressions may also evaluate the source and target entities.

Users can create, copy, edit, or delete themes for a selected model on the Management > Themes page. Themes that appear on this page are available to be applied to the model when it is displayed on the Canvas. On the Canvas toolbar, the Select a theme drop down menu box lists the themes. The user applies a theme to the model displayed on the Canvas by selecting the theme in the Select a theme box.

Note: Filter settings defined on the Canvas are applied to whatever is left visible by a theme.