Using Add Connected Items

One of the most helpful tools within the Visual Query Builder is the Add connected items dialog box, which identifies all entity and relationship types that are connected to a selected entity type. This task shows how to create a simple query with two entity types:
  1. Drag an entity type from the Entity Panel onto the workspace.
    This displays options in the Expression Editor for the entity.
  2. You can add connected items using one of two methods:
    • Right-click the entity type and select Add connected items.
    • Select the entity type you just dragged out and click the Add connected items button in the Expression Editor.
    This opens the Add connected items dialog box.
  3. Choose to filter by relationships to the entity or by entity types connected to the entity.
    Relationships Select from relationship types that connect the selected entity, then select from connected entity types.
    Entities Select from connected entity types, then select from relationship types that connect the selected entity.
  4. Click Add, then Close to add the specified entities to the workspace. To close the dialog box without making any changes, click anywhere on the workspace.

    Selected entity types connected by selected relationship are added to the workspace types on the workspace:

    Image of two entity connected by a relationship

    The green plus signs to the left of each entity type signify that any entity type and relationship label matching this query will be returned in the results.

    Data Visualization displays an infobox summarizing what was added to your query:

    Infobox showing 1 query entity and 1 relationship were created
  5. Optional: If you want the results to include just one entity type, select the entity type in the workspace and click Return this type only in the Expression Editor.
  6. If you want to include some but not all of the entity types, select the ones you want included and check Include in results.
  7. Run the query.
  8. You can view these results on the Canvas, Map, Table workspace.