The Visual Query Toolbar contains the following buttons:

Undo/Redo ()
Undo or redo the last action.
Group selected entity types ()
Group two or more entity types with no connections.
Fit content ()
Fit the content of the workspace within the viewable area.
Apply layout ()
Arrange or rearrange the query content.
New query ()
Clear the canvas and start a new query definition.
Select a query ()
Choose from a list of queries defined for this model.
Save query ()
Save the query for future use in Visual Query Builder with this model.
Note: Queries saved in the Spectrum Technology Platform 12.0 SP2 will be available for use only in version 12.0 SP2.
Delete query ()
Delete the query from the Spectrum Technology Platform server.
Run query ()
Execute the query.
Note: You must switch to the Context Graph Visualization Canvas, Map, or Table to view the results of the query.