Filters Tool

The Canvas provides a Filters tool on its toolbar that you can use to filter entities and relationships that appear on the canvas. The Filters tool enables you to filter entities by type, relationships by label, and both entities and relationships by property values.

To apply filters, you specify entity types or relationship labels that will be visible on the canvas. You may then optionally choose entity and relationship properties and specify allowed values for the property. The options for specifying allowed values for a property depend on the property type (Boolean , string, numeric, or temporal).

By default, orphaned entities are visible on the canvas. Optionally, you may choose to hide orphaned entities. Orphaned entities are those that have no relationships to other entities.

By default, entities with undefined property values (property not used, null or empty) are visible on the canvas. Optionally, when you filter by a property, you can choose to hide entities or relationships with an undefined property value.