Opening Models Using URLs

You can open models in any of the four Context Graph Visualization areas by manually coding the URL.

  1. Be sure the Spectrum Technology Platform server is running.
  2. Open a web browser.
  3. Type the following and press Enter: http://servername:port/hub-visualization/#/modelname/view/canvas .
    To view a model in any of the other areas, simply replace "canvas" with "dashboard", "map," or "metadata."
    For example, if your server is named "myserver", it uses default HTTP port 8080, and you are opening a model called "Fraud" containing insurance claim data, you would enter one of the following:
    • http://myserver:8080/hub-visualization/#/Fraud/view/canvas
    • http://myserver:8080/hub-visualization/#/Fraud/view/dashboard
    • http://myserver:8080/hub-visualization/#/Fraud/view/map
    • http://myserver:8080/hub-visualization/#/Fraud/view/metadata