Relationship Options

  • Routing style—Choose one of the following options:

    Orthogonal (default)—Vertical and horizontal line segments only.

    Polyline—A continuous line composed of one or more line segments.

  • Automatic relationship grouping—Groups as many relationships as possible without changing the semantic of the model. Edges are grouped either at a common source entity or at a common target entity.
  • Backloop routing—Forces relationships that connect to targets located above their source entities to exit at the bottom and enter at the top of their source and target, respectively, emphasizing the main direction of the diagram.
  • Port constraint optimization—The Relationship Analysis Client tries to find a better source port constraint if the current constraint is null. A port constraint expresses at what position a relationship is allowed to connect to either its source or target entity. A weak port constraint limits the position of the port to a particular side of an entity. A strong port constraint fixes the position of the port completely to the position of the current port coordinates.
  • Minimum —The minimum length of the first segment, the last segment, the relationship itself, or the distance between one relationship to another.
  • Slope (for polyline routing style only)—Determines the minimum slope of the relationship's mid segments in a vertical layout.
  • Labeling—Choose one of the following styles:

    None (default)—No labels will appear on selected relationships.

    Generic—Finds label positions for the labels from a given model so that they, ideally, do not overlap with each other or with model elements. It does so without altering entities or relationships in any way.

    Hierarchic (default)—Finds optimal placements for relationship labels such that there are no overlaps of labels with each other or with model elements.

  • Label model(inactive when "None" is selected for Labeling)—choose one of the following styles:

    As Is (default)—Retains labels as they are; they will not be altered.

    Center—Places labels in the center of the relationships.

    Side (default)—Places labels on the side of the relationships.

    Free—Allows for unspecified label positions.