General Options

  • Layout is deterministic—Produces identical results for identical input models and identical settings.
  • Allow entity\relationship overlaps—Guarantees the absence of entity and relationship overlaps even for very dense models.
  • Allow entity overlaps—Guarantees the absence of entity overlaps even for very dense models.
  • Minimum entity distance—Prevents entity (label) overlaps and keeps minimum distances between the entities.
  • Preferred relationship length—Specifies the general preferred length of all relationships.
  • Compactness—Produces significantly more or less compact layouts. Small values for property "Compactness" result in large area drawings with a relatively sparse entity distribution. Values greater than 0.5 result in artificially compacted layouts, and values next to 1.0 result in layouts with near to minimal space allocations. Obeyed only for medium or high quality settings..
  • Quality/Time ratio—Uses small values to produce acceptable layouts for huge models (thousands of entities within seconds) and greater values to produce high-quality layouts, which may take longer (up to a few minutes for hundreds of entities).