Layout Options

The Radial layout has general options related to how the model tree is arranged. Access the following settings by clicking the arrow in the bottom-right corner of the Radial Layout Options ribbon. After changing settings, click Apply to immediately view the changes on the canvas in the background or move on to another tab. Click OK to return to the canvas. If you make changes and later wish to restore default settings, click Revert.

  • Center Entities Policy—Determines which entities are placed at the center or on the innermost ring:
    • Weighted Centrality (default)—The entity with the highest weighted centrality will be the center entity.
    • Centrality—The entity with the highest centrality will be the center entity.
    • Directed—All entities with zero incoming relationships will be center entities.
    • Selected Entities—A user-specified entity will be the center entity.
  • Layering strategy—Determines how the entities are distributed over the rings:
    • BFS (default)—A breadth-first search (BFS) strategy where all relationships will span no more than one layer in the model. Relationships between entities that belong to the same layer are possible.
    • Hierarchical—Assigns layers in such a way that there are no overlaps and the overall sum of the layer distances of all relationships in the layout is minimal.
  • Layer spacing—Determines the spacing value for the circles. The radius of each circle will be a multiple of this value. Default is 25.
  • Minimal layer distance—The minimal distance between two circles. Default is 100.
  • Minimum entity to entity distance—The minimum distance between two neighboring entities on a circle. Default is 30.
  • Minimal bend angle— The minimal kink angle in degrees between two adjacent relationship segments. Increasing this value reduces the number of bends so the relationship path gets less smooth. Valid values are between 0.0 and 90.0. The default is 5.
  • Maximal child sector angle— The maximal sector angle in degrees around an entity where the children of the entity may be placed. The child sector of an entity has the entity's center as center. The sector points away from the center of the circle the entity is placed on. Default is 180.