Using Entities Decoration

This feature allows you to determine default shape and label settings for entities.

Entity Shape Settings

  • Shape—Sets the default shape of entities.
  • Image—Sets an image to represent entities.
  • Width—Sets the default width of the entities.
  • Maintain aspect ratio—Automatically adjusts the height based on the width, to maintain the aspect ratio of the entities.
  • Height—Sets the default height of the entities.
  • Fill Color—Sets the default interior color of the entities.
  • Shadow—Adds the appearance of a shadow behind the entities.
  • Border Color—Sets the default color of the entities' borders.
  • Thickness—Sets the default width of the entities' borders.

Entity Label Settings

  • Show labels—Activates labels on the model.
  • Font—Sets the default font of the labels.
  • Font size—Sets the default font size of the labels.
  • Location—Sets the default location of the entity labels as inside or outside the entities.
  • Position— Sets the default position of the entity labels relative to the entities. The label can appear on any side or corner of the entity.
  • Color—Sets the default color of the labels.
  • Wrap label—Forces labels exceeding maximum width to break onto multiple lines.
  • Trim label—Trims labels exceeding maximum width.
  • Maximum width—Sets the maximum width allowable for labels.