Using Filters

The Filters section of Relationship Analysis Client allows you to hide selected entities or relationships from your canvas. Selection and Type filters enable you to clear out extraneous elements—those whose properties don't meet your requirements or whose data doesn't factor into your current interest. Using these kinds of filters can reveal important connections in the elements left behind. Temporal filters enable you to capture a segment of data in a specific time frame. They can also help you compare the activity of your network from one time to another. Numeric filters enable you to capture data containing a property that falls within a range that you specify. For instance, if your data contains information about insurance claims, you might have a field called "NumberOfVisits" for the number of times a doctor has claimed treating a particular patient, with relationships in your model reflecting that relationship. If you are trying to isolate relationships with 10 or more visits, you could filter your data based on that field, and set the minimum value to 10. This would remove relationships that have a number lower than 10 in the NumberOfVisits field.
Note: When an entity is filtered, all connecting relationships will also be filtered. When a relationship is filtered, the connecting entities are not filtered.