Using the Selection Ribbon

The Selection Ribbon enables you to quickly select elements or groups of elements in a model.
  • Select All—Selects all elements on the canvas.
  • Select All Entities—Selects all entities on the canvas.
  • Select All Relationships—Selects all relationships on the canvas.
  • Keep Selection—Keeps the highlighted element selected when performing other actions. For example, if you have an entity selected and click Keep Selection followed by Select Connected, that one entity plus all elements selected to that entity would be selected.
  • Current Item—Causes actions to be taken only for the selected element. For example, if you have an entity selected and click Current Item followed by Select Predecessors, all elements coming into that item will be selected. If you then click Select Successors, only successors to the initial entity will be returned. Successors to the entities brought in when you clicked Select Predecessors will not be returned.
  • Select Connected—Selects all elements connected to the selected element.
  • Select Predecessors—Selects all elements coming into the selected element.
  • Select Successors—Selects all elements going out of the selected element.
You can also access these options by right-clicking in the Primary Pane.