Model Components Pane

The Model Components Pane displays model data in grid format. Entity data and relationship data are shown on two tabs. However, the Entities grid also includes data for predecessors and successors to each entity. You can determine which are predecessors and which are successors by the direction the green arrow is pointing.

Let's say you are looking at a model with insurance data, attempting to identify potential fraud. You might have entities representing individuals who sought treatment connected to entities representing doctors or clinics those individuals visited. In the Entities tab of the Model Components pane, if you clicked the plus sign next to an entity to expand the data, you would probably see the doctors and/or clinics that person visited. And if you clicked the plus sign next to one of the doctor or clinic entities, you would see all of the metadata associated with that entity.

In the Relationships grid you will see data grouped by the relationships between entities. Using the insurance fraud example, you might see in the first column of that grid "visited" to represent that the person visited a doctor or clinic.
Note: This pane is on by default but can be toggled off and on using the Model Components button on the Tools ribbon of the View tab.