Model Details Pane

The Model Details Pane shows analysis details about your model. It will show information for the following characteristics:
  • Name—The name of the model whose data you are viewing.
  • Entities—Number of entities
  • Relationships—Number of relationships
  • Is Acyclic—Formed by a collection of entities and directed relationships, each relationship connecting one entity to another, such that there is no way to start at some entity v and follow a sequence of relationships that eventually loops back to v again.
  • Is Biconnected—Connected and inseparable, such that if any entity were to be removed, the model would remain connected.
  • Is Bipartite—Entities can be divided into two disjoint sets U and V such that every relationship connects an entity in U to one in V; that is, U and V are independent sets. Equivalently, a bipartite model is a model that does not contain any odd-length cycles.
  • Is Connected—A path exists from one entity in the model to any other entity in the model.
  • Is Cyclic—Consists of a single cycle, or in other words, some number of entities connected in a closed chain.
  • Is Forest—An undirected model, all of whose connected components are trees; in other words, the model consists of a disjointed union of trees. Equivalently, a forest is an undirected cycle-free model.
  • Is Multiple Relationship Free—Is free of two or more relationships that are incident to the same two entities.
  • Is Planar—Can be drawn in such a way that no relationships are intersecting.
  • Is Rooted Tree—One entity has been designated the root, in which case the relationships have a natural orientation, towards or away from the root.
  • Is Strongly Connected—A path exists from each entity in the model to every other entity. In particular, this means paths in each direction; a path from a to b and also a path from b to a.
  • Is Tree—An undirected model in which any two entities are connected by exactly one simple path.
Note: This pane is on by default but can be toggled off and on using the Model Details button on the Tools ribbon of the View tab.