Returning Elements

If you open a partial model using the Query function on the Data tab, the Discovery feature enables you to query the model to return entities that are somehow connected to the existing, selected entity. You can return the following types of entities to your partial model:
  • All entities that are connected to the selected entity
  • Entities that precede the selected entity
  • Entities that follow the selected entity
You can further filter these results by selecting a Relationship Label and then clicking Connected, Predecessors, or Successors. For example, if you are viewing a partial model of terrorism suspects, you could select one or more entities, then select a TraveledWith relationship label, and then click Connected. The model would reload with the original entities along with all entities who were connected to and traveled with the original entities.
To use Discovery:
  1. Open a partial model using the Query function on the Open tab.
  2. Select the entity whose immediate connections you want to identify.
    Note: If you select multiple entities, Discovery will return results only for the last one selected.
  3. Select a Relationship Label if you want to filter the connections.
  4. Click Connected, Predecessors, or Successors. The model will reload, showing any additional entities that were connected to the original entities in the manner you selected. If the graph becomes fully loaded with all of its entities, Discovery will become disabled.
    Note: The availability of these options depends on your model's contents. Sometimes Predecessors or Successors will be grayed out.