Modifying Queries

Once a query is created, you can modify it from the Model Queries tab on the Model Management dialog box. Simply select the query and click Modify. Then edit your query accordingly.
You can also modify queries on the Query Pane, on the Query tab in the Open Model dialog box, in Read from Model, and in Query Model. When you modify queries from these locations, you must either save the changes and overwrite the existing query (using the same name) or save the changes and give the modified query a new name. Otherwise, the changes will be temporarily saved as a custom query and will be accessible only from Open Model and not from Model Management. The original query will not be modified, and the new, custom query will be available only as long as the Relationship Analysis Client is open or until you use a different query for that model. If you apply a different query to the model or close the Relationship Analysis Client, the changes to the query will be lost.