Deleting Models and Model Data

Context Graph includes tools that enable you to delete data from a model or delete models themselves. To delete data from a model, you can remove that data from your input files and regenerate the model. Another approach would be to manually delete entities and relationships from within the Relationship Analysis Client. To do this, select one or more elements from your model and press Delete. You can also right-click the selection and click Delete on the shortcut menu.

You can use Discovery to delete a model. On Discovery menu bar, click Model, then click the Context Graph Model tab. Check the check box next to the model you want to delete, then click the Delete model button.

Alternatively, you can use the Model Management tool in the Relationship Analysis Client. First click Manage Image of Manage button on the toolbar to open the Model Management dialog box. Then, on the Models tab, click the model you want to delete and click Remove.