Editing Entities and Relationships

The Relationship Analysis Client is a flexible tool that enables you to manually add or delete entities or relationships from models. This can be useful if you don't want to recreate the model but have data in the form of an entity that you would like to add, or if your model contains entities or relationships that are no longer valid.

You can also add, edit, or delete properties and modify values for properties that are associated with entities and relationships. An example of this functionality might be that if your model uses data that is looking to identify potential insurance fraud and one of the entity properties for a provider is his legal status for practicing medicine. Because there are ongoing investigations of this individual, you might need to change the value of his "Legal_Status" property to "prosecuted."

The pliability of real-time model editing saves you time and money by not having to alter your input data and recreate the model.

See Editing Models for more information on editing entities and relationships.