Data Charts

The Charts feature of Relationship Analysis Client enables you to visualize data from a model in graphic format. You can select from four options the one that will best depict your data:
  • Data bar—Presents numeric data from a model in bar chart format. Therefore, only properties with numeric formats are eligible for use with data bar charts. Data bar charts display each entry for the selected criteria from highest to lowest value. This represents the order of influence within the model, from most influential to least influential.
  • Treemap—Presents data in a hierarchical manner, resulting in several individual squares and rectangles that together form a whole. The size and color of each rectangle reflects its value and influence within the model, and when you hover over any given block the data upon which you created the map will appear.
  • Heat map—Presents data in table form using colors. A simple example of this is might be crime rate data over the years by month. Each row represents one of the twelve months, and each column represents a year in the time frame. Colors could range from very pale blue (lower crime rates) to dark blue (higher crime rates). You could use more than one spectrum of color, especially if you wanted your heat map to be more specific.
  • Timeline—Presents data across a span of time. It can be used for entities, relationships, or both. You can plot events, actions, and so on over a course of time, and once the timeline is created you can zoom in or out to focus on more or fewer items.

For more information, see Using Charts.