Data Layouts

The Layouts feature within the Relationship Analysis Client enables you to change the appearance of model elements to show the entities and relationships visually. Certain data renders better in a particular model layout. The Relationship Analysis Client offers five layouts for your models. There are also options respective to each layout and options that are common to all layouts.
  • Circular Layout—Emphasizes group and tree structures within a network.
  • Hierarchic Layout—Highlights the main direction or flow within a directed model.
  • Organic Layout—Based on the force-directed layout paradigm.
  • Orthogonal Layout—Is a multipurpose layout provider for undirected models; produces compact drawings with no overlaps, few crossings, and few bends.
  • Map Layout—Depicts locations of entities within your model using latitude and longitude.
For more information on these layouts and common options for layouts, see Using Layouts.