Editing a Physical Model

  1. On the Discovery menu bar, click Model.
    The Logical Model tab is displayed by default.
  2. Click the Physical Model tab.
  3. Select the check box next to the model you want to modify.
    Note: You can search for a specific model using the Filter field on the top of the page. It searches the models by the model name.
  4. Click the Edit Model button .

    The Edit Physical Model page is displayed for the selected model with the Include check-box displaying the already selected tables and columns.

    Note: Physical models are displayed in two views: list and tabular. The list view displays the selected table as a list below the connection specification fields. The tabular view shows only the selected tables and their details. To use the tabular view, click the Tabular View button on the top of the page. For more information, see Tabular View of Physical Model.
  5. Modify the connection for the model, if required, using the Source connection name drop down list.
  6. Remove the added table, or add a table, as required, by clicking the respective rows.
  7. Click Save.

The selected model gets updated and listed on the Models tab of the Modeling page.