Disabling SSL Communication with LDAP

If you have configured Spectrum Technology Platform to use SSL communication with LDAP or Active Directory and need to switch back to using TCP, follow this procedure.

  1. Stop the Spectrum Technology Platform server.
    • To stop the server on Windows, right-click the Spectrum Technology Platform icon in the Windows system tray and select Stop Spectrum. Alternatively, you can use the Windows Services control panel and stop the Precisely Spectrum Technology Platform service.
    • To stop the server on Linux, source the SpectrumDirectory/server/bin/setup script then execute the SpectrumDirectory/server/bin/server.stop script.
  2. Open this file in a text editor:


  3. Configure these properties:
    Change the URL of the LDAP server to use the TCP port rather than the SSL port. The default is 389. For example:
    Note: You must include a slash character at the end of the URL.
    Specify false to disable SSL communication with LDAP.
    Comment out this property.
    Comment out this property.