Disabling Authentication for Web Services

Service-level authentication can be disabled for all SOAP or REST web services (or both). This is useful if you have your own high-level authentication built into the solution that is using, for example, Spectrum Spatial services.

All services and access to resources used by Spectrum Technology Platform are configured, by default, with authentication turned on.

To disable authentication for web services on the Spectrum Technology Platform :

  1. Stop the Spectrum Technology Platform server.
  2. Open the following file in a text editor:
  3. Change the value of each property as needed. For example, to disable authentication for all SOAP services:
    Note: For Spectrum Spatial, REST services also include OGC web services.
  4. Save and close the properties file.
  5. Start the Spectrum Technology Platform server.

Once finished, authentication is turned off for the type of web services that you specified.