Configure the Map File Share

To configure the map file share (a shared image folder) to Spectrum Technology Platform, you first need a shared map image directory.

Note: To create a Linux map file share, see Creating a Map Image File Share on Linux.
Note: To create a Windows map file share, see Creating a Map Image File Share on Windows.

Once a map image directory has been created, configure the map file share:

  1. Modify the Mapping Service configuration by pointing to a shared image folder and load balance server. In the ImageCache change the Directory parameter to a common image directory, and change the AccessBaseURL parameter to the load balancer machine image URL.

    If you are using a virtual machine environment, remember this IP address, as you must set the load balancer VM to this IP address.

    For Linux installations:

    <Directory>/<spatial server root>/server/modules/spatial/images</Directory>

    For Windows installations:

  2. For Linux installations, you must set up a symbolic link to enable map images to go to the shared file system.
    Create an images subfolder in the mounted share folder, for example, /mnt/<linux mount>/images
    cd /<spatial server root>/server/modules/spatial
    rm –Rf images
    ln -s /mnt/<linux mount>/images ./images