Generating Map Tiles with Tile Generator

The Tile Generator is a command-line utility, named cache_builder.bat on Windows and on Linux, that generates MapTiling requests to send to a MapTiling service or to save to a file. Saving a request to a file is useful for seeding the tile cache in batch or for generating tiles offline. The Tile Generator is available as a download from the Spectrum Spatial section of the Spectrum Technology Platform Welcome Page, under Tile Generator on the Utilities tab.

There are three options available when using this utility:

  • Generate MapTiling requests and save them to a file for later use.
  • Send requests from the file created above to a MapTiling service and create the tiles to seed the cache.
  • Directly use Tile Generator to create the tile requests and send to a MapTiling service to seed the cache.

Running the Tile Generator (cache_builder) with no parameters or with the -help parameter displays details about the above options.

  • The Tile Generator requires the JAVA_HOME variable set to the location of the installed JDK (Java 8 is required).
  • The Tile Generator uses Basic authentication. For details, see Web Service Authentication.

To find out more about Tile Generator parameters, see Tile Generator.