REST Interfaces

The REST interfaces are what you use to access the Spectrum Technology Platform functionality from within your web application. The table below describes which REST Interface you use to access a particular service.

To access this service Use this REST Interface
Mapping Service http://hostname:port/rest/Spatial/MappingService?_wadl&_type=xml
Feature Service http://hostname:port/rest/Spatial/FeatureService?_wadl&_type=xml
Map Tiling Service http://hostname:port/rest/Spatial/MapTilingService?_wadl&_type=xml

To get more detailed descriptions of the REST services, see the spatial REST interface WADL on your system: http://hostname:port/rest/Spatial?_wadl&_type=xml

The REST API is essentially just a set of URLs your web application can send as HTTP GET requests. Each URL defines a request to a particular method of a particular interface. Your application then gets back a response, usually in the form of a JSON object or map image, from the corresponding REST Interface. The returned JSON object can be parsed by your web application to extract and process the requested information.