A MapBasicSymbol element of type MapBasicBitmapSymbol specifies the name of a bitmap symbol file, as well as the size and color of the symbol.


Table 1 lists the elements that can be contained by a MapBasicSymbol element of type MapBasicBitmapSymbol.

Table 1. Elements
Element Description


A string value specifying the URI of the bitmap image file.


A string value specifying the color of the symbol. Any non-white pixels in the bitmap are set to this color.

The value can be any valid CSS color. (See


An integer value from 1 to 255 specifying the point size of the symbol.

If this element is omitted, the image is rendered at its native width and height in pixels.


If the Show Background setting is true (turned on), white pixels in the bitmap are opaque. If Show Background is false (turned off), white pixels in the bitmap are transparent allowing whatever is behind the symbol to show through.

The default value is true for transparent symbol backgrounds.