Launching the Spectrum Spatial Manager

The Spectrum Spatial Manager is a web application that installs with Spectrum Spatial and is available from the Spectrum Technology Platform Welcome Page.

To launch and work with the Spectrum Spatial Manager:

  1. Open a web browser and go to the Spectrum Technology Platform Welcome Page at:


    For example, if you installed Spectrum Technology Platform on a computer named myspectrumplatform and it is using the default HTTP port 8080, you would go to:


  2. Click Spectrum Spatial.
  3. Click the Utilities tab.
  4. Expand the Spatial Manager section and click Open the Spatial Manager.

    The browser refreshes to display the Spectrum Spatial Manager login dialog.

  5. Log in as the administrator (admin), or enter the username and password provided by the administrator who setup your account.

Only users assigned an admin, spatial-admin, or spatial-sub-admin role have permission to log into Spectrum Spatial Manager. Roles are assigned in the Management Console by the administrator (admin). For a description of the spatial-admin and spatial-sub-admin roles, see Users and Roles.

For a description of the Spectrum Spatial Manager, see Spectrum Spatial Manager.