Adding and Editing Namespaces

A namespace along with a feature type name uniquely identifies a feature type. Namespaces are stored in the Web Feature Service (WFS) configuration.

To create a namespace for WFS feature types:

  1. Ensure you are on the WFS page. To locate the WFS page, click Services on the main menu and then WFS.
  2. On the Feature Types tab, select a namespace in the feature types tree and then click the Add Namespace button .
  3. In the Create New Namespace dialog, enter a URI and a prefix (both of which are required) and click Add. Both values must be unique.
    The new namespace displays in the feature types tree. To make changes to the namespace URI and prefix, select the namespace in the tree and click Edit.
  4. Click the Add Feature Types button to add a feature type to this namespace (see Adding WFS Feature Types).

    Select a namespace from the Select Namespace field to move this feature type to another namespace in the feature types tree. You can also delete any namespace that you create; however, you cannot delete the default namespace.