element DefaultMapView
diagram mapping_p14.png
namespace http://www.mapinfo.com/midev/service/mapping/v1
type tns:DefaultMapView
content complex
children tns:AffineTransform tns:Width tns:Height
Name  Type  Use  Default  Fixed  Annotation
unit  tns:PaperUnit  optional  Pixel    
The unit of measure for paper units. The default value is Pixel. Please see the PaperUnit element's documentation for a listing of all possible values.
rendering  tns:Rendering  optional  Speed    
Deprecated: The value of this attribute is ignored and is always Quality.
background  xsd:string  optional      
The background color to use for the map image, as expressed in #RRGGBB format. If not supplied, then the background color will be transparent.
mapResolution  xsd:int  optional      
The resolution of map images in dots per inch (the number of individual dots that can be placed within the span of one linear inch). The default value is 96 dpi. The minimum dpi you can define is 72, anything less would render a poor quality image. If a value less than 72 is defined the service will throw an exception.
backgroundOpacity  xsd:double  optional      
The opacity of the background color. If the background and backgroundOpacity attributes are specified, these values will be used to draw the background. If the background is not used, then the background will be totally transparent regardless of the backgroundOpacity attribute. If the background is used but no opacity is specified, then the background will be totally opaque.
Defines a map view based on the default view for the map.

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