element GetMapZoomLevelRequest
diagram mapping_p35.png
namespace http://www.mapinfo.com/midev/service/mapping/v1
type tns:GetMapZoomLevelRequest
content complex
children tns:MapView
Name  Type  Use  Default  Fixed  Annotation
id  xsd:string  optional      
A unique identifier that is returned in the response. It is used for debugging or keeping track of asynchronous requests.
locale  xsd:string  optional      
The language and country code of the request, which is defined using [language_code]_[country_code] syntax. The language code is a 2-letter ISO-639 code. The country code is a 2-letter ISO-3166 code. For example: en_US stands for the English language within the United States of America.
unit  tns:DistanceUnit  optional      
The distance unit to return the zoom. The zoom will be the width of the map image in the specified distance unit in real world coordinates.
A request to get the zoom of a map in real world coordinates given the map view. The zoom will be defined by a single distance value as the width of the map.

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