element GetNamedMapLegendsRequest
diagram mapping_p37.png
namespace http://www.mapinfo.com/midev/service/mapping/v1
type tns:GetNamedMapLegendsRequest
content complex
children tns:NamedMap
Name  Type  Use  Default  Fixed  Annotation
id  xsd:string  optional      
A unique identifier that is returned in the response. It is used for debugging or keeping track of asynchronous requests.
locale  xsd:string  optional      
The language and country code of the request, which is defined using [language_code]_[country_code] syntax. The language code is a 2-letter ISO-639 code. The country code is a 2-letter ISO-3166 code. For example: en_US stands for the English language within the United States of America.
imageMimeType  xsd:string  optional  image/png    
The image format of the legend to return. The format is specified using the image mime type, e.g., image/jpeg or image/png. For a list of supported mime types, use the ListMapImageMimeTypes method.
legendImageWidth  xsd:int  optional  16    
The width of the legend image in pixels.
legendImageHeight  xsd:int  optional  16    
The height of the legend image in pixels.
mapResolution  xsd:int  optional      
The resolution of map images in dots per inch (the number of individual dots that can be placed within the span of one linear inch). The default value is 96 dpi. The minimum dpi you can define is 72, anything less would render a poor quality image. If a value less than 72 is defined the service will throw an exception.
A request to generate legends for a named map by specifying the named map and the size and mime type of the legends. The legends returned are single rows, including an image and text description, that make up a complete legend. For each layer in the named map, zero, one, or more legend entries will be returned.

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