Configuring WMTS

An OGC WMTS layer consists of a named WMTS layer which in turn consists of OGC metadata and a reference to a named tile. The named tile contains the tile matrix set which specifies the zoom levels.

A tile matrix set can be configured when creating or modifying a named tile in Spectrum Spatial Manager. For more information, see Creating a Named Tile.

A named WMTS layer is also created using Spectrum Spatial Manager. The named WMTS layer uses the named tile for its tile matrix set. For more information, see Creating a Named WMTS Layer.

The WMTS service and resources you expose to WMTS are configured and managed using Spectrum Spatial Manager. For more information about configuring WMTS global settings and adding WMTS layers, see Managing WMTS Resources and Configuration.

Important: Manual editing of WMTSConfiguration XML files should only be done by advanced users who require functionality that is not supported by the current version of Spectrum Spatial Manager. Unexpected results may occur when using a manually edited configuration file with Spectrum Spatial Manager.